Every celestial object, even the Earth, produces a distinct sound . . . a frequency . . . a tone . . . the sound of its existence. The Earth's tone is called the Schumann resonance, after Dr. Schumann who discovered its 7.83Hz frequency in the early 1950's. What produces these sounds in very large celestial objects . . . the sounds of space? They’re made up of vibrational waves from the various forces in the realm of empty space; the multitude of heavenly bodies interacting; the electromagnetic pulses given off by these objects, their rings, and their moons; the radio waves that bounce between them and their invisible borders of stratospheres and atmospheres; the interaction of charged particles within their atmospheres, and the energetics that encircle the objects; the rotational spin, orbit, and even the stellar and galactic winds. This is a huge formula that goes into these celestial sounds. Your being requires this resonance, this sound, in order to understand its physical, emotional and mental place in spacetime. It operates like a guide and a guard to your entire system. This need was first discovered when the early astronauts were returning from orbit, after prolonged periods outside this influence, and were completely disoriented. It was the Russian Cosmonaut program that invented a Schumann resonator to compensate for this absence in space. The actions that produce the greatest connection for tuning you into this resonance are -- grounding . . . being in actual contact with the Earth as much as possible . . . walking barefoot on the ground. Our prayer is that you tune into the body of Mother Earth every day; that you ground yourself and maintain this connection with daily discipline; that you're in touch with the Mother like your healthy life depends on it . . . because it does.