freedom of sharing


The renaissance of now, the new age of enlightenment . . . this is the time to look through new lenses at a new landscape -- a landscape that’s celebrating in realms that are not measured with four dimensional logic, but take into account the unaccountable magic of relationship. You've all experienced this magic in your relations to individuals -- the unreasonable joys and unaccountable surges of energy -- now you're coming to face a revolution taking place beyond these individual events, taking place in the collective minds and lives of everyone. Now is where your brightness and lightness respond to the world becoming crowded by celebrating the value that more lives create. It's your rapidly expanding awareness that appreciates these new connections along life's path of unrelenting evolution. This new landscape brings a need of new tolerances for sharing space, for sharing time, for allowing the relational opportunities that existed only within a family, in the past, to grow beyond those four dimensions and become the high valued opportunities you reach for in the new crowd . . . arrange for in large numbers as our numbers grow. This invites sharing in ways that yesterdays world invited having -- the ability to care for each other becomes the experience of freedom, not burden. Where as in the past, the sense of freedom came from having it all (the material dream of having everything), the evolved sensation of freedom in this new landscape, will come from being connected to everyone who has something. The future of this world is in the interactions of inclusion . . . this is a revolutionary relationship to space and time; a revolution not taking place in the measurable world, but in the magical world of relational emotions, attitudes and opinions that can change in a heartbeat. Our prayer is that you allow your 'self' to change with each heartbeat in these times and these spaces of this new landscape viewed through new lenses; that you welcome the crowds that are definitely arriving at your doorstep; learn to value the freedom of sharing over the freedom of having and welcome this new found freedom that brings such joy to the renaissance.