Freedom of Choice


Perfection and perfect balance are absolutes -- they're conditions without movement -- for movement is an event without balance. Imbalanced balance was the introduction that created the material Universe; the Big Bang of the science version; the "Word" of the scripture's version, and the "reality" of the version that you are experiencing. This shift introduced time -- time as a cycle -- an imbalance that is constantly reaching for balance. It's the dance between night and day; between motion and stillness, and between life and death. This is why your body ages and the Soul is eternal; why life is understood and death is not, and why natural human living is for motion in the daytime and stillness at night . . . these are cycles of time. These cycles are what constructs the sensation of time, but the sensation of time does not construct how you experience it -- it only constructs [that] you experience it. This is why the masters and mystics call time an illusion; they call it 'maya'. It's not that the cycle doesn't exist -- it's that the cycle exists, but your experience of it is your choice. At every moment there's every possibility, this is the nature of all things that arise from infinity . . . time and matter are the finites, born out of the introduction of imbalance into the perfectly balanced infinite. This imbalance creates time, but the content of time; the sensation of time; the outcomes from these sensations . . . their history and anticipation . . . this is the illusion . . . this is of your choosing. The key is in making choices that construct the life you want . . . to enable your dreams by believing in them; to use this belief and spend your "time" constructing success. This is the nature of time . . . this is the nature of the illusion of maya . . . it gives you the freedom of choice. Our prayer is that you take hold of this freedom; make the choices that construct success from your dreams over "time'; that you use every imbalance as fuel to move toward your goals. And in the moments of big imbalance -- when chaos and uncertainty prevail -- refer to your freedom of choice . . . choose the course of your success . . . it is a choice.