Freedom is Essential to the Fulfillment of Your Life's Purpose


Freedom is a human requirement; it is a collective common like water and air. It allows you to live your life as a mission—not an omission—not requiring permission. This freedom is essential to the fulfillment of your life's purpose. Freedom will manifest either your greatest dreams or your worst nightmares . . . whichever one you place the most free energy. The energy of thought receives its direction from the amount of trust you place in yourself, your world, your universe, and the path of destiny you are walking on. When your thoughts are bound up by fear, you make nightmares your reality . . . you become a slave to the world of fear. Even then, freedom is essential to your evolution. The gift of freewill must be free; for even when you have manifested these nightmares, you must have the right and the opportunity to learn from them . . . then create your dreams from the new experience.

All other creatures perish from these mistakes—humans learn from them. When there is freedom—it does not matter if the wind is blowing with you, or against you. You are free to make as many choices . . . free to make as many mistakes . . . free to take as much time as it will take you to get it right.

Even when the wind is blowing hard against you, you still have the capacity to guide your life on a path that will eventually arrive at your destination. This freedom is an extremely sacred trust and must be trusted; for freedom creates the liberated view that even harsh opposition is workable.

Become an advocate of this freedom by putting it to great use in your world. Become an advocate of this freedom by allowing others to make up their own choices even when they are quite contrary to yours. Become an advocate of this freedom and create a world that works for all of us.