Freedom, like water and air, is a human requirement. It allows us to live our life as a mission, not an omission, without requiring permission. It is essential to the fulfillment of life’s purpose. Freedom may manifest either as the greatest dream or the worst nightmare – whichever one you place the most free energy in. The way thoughts receive their direction is through the amount of trust you place in yourself, your world, your universe as well as the path of destiny you are walking on.

If your thoughts are bound by fear your nightmares can become reality, and you become a slave to your fears.

However, freedom is essential to your evolution. Freewill must be free, for even among nightmares you have the right and opportunity to learn, and create your dreams.

Become an advocate of this freedom by putting it to great use in your world, by allowing others to make their own choices even when they are contrary to yours. Become an advocate for this freedom and create a world that works for all of us.