Forgiving is Letting Go


Forgiving is letting go -- giving this moment forward into the next one. When you don’t forgive, you hold the moment . . . you don’t move forward. A part of you is stuck in the sounds, tones and images of a moment that's becoming the past. This attaches in your psyche -- where it will control you from the past. Forgiving is a self-ish act -- it involves no one else but you . . . you within your own moments. Releasing -- no longer attaching to them -- releases their 'ish' (their sting) from the self. It's accomplished like exhaling makes room for the next inhale. You literally breathe life out and in with each full breath. Moments move instantly to the past; noise becomes harmony; a completely new and unknown moment enters the 'now' from the 'future' . . . this is all for you to master. Life becomes about walking into the unknown -- mastering it; walking into the next unknown -- mastering this one . . . on and on. Such is the natural path of evolution. But humanity -- as of late -- has not been emotionally evolving, it's collectively lost the will to enter the unknown for a very long time. This is why emotional life has stalled for 10,000 years, and when life stalls -- it stagnates. That’s where we are -- stagnating so completely right now that we're swimming in our own sewage . . . figuratively and literally. This produces the opposite of the foundational ease, joy, knowing and liberation of peace . . . it's an indolence that allows disease, misery, ignorance, and enslaving indoctrination to produce war upon war. There is a solution -- a radical, courageous approach to time . . . forgiveness that is so instantaneous that it pre-forgives each moment before you even enter; forgiveness before the fact, before the act, and before anyone reacts. This fully engages the heart center, the center of your courage and will . . . your stability on the Earth. Our prayer is that you open up your life and find the courage of forgiveness in the harmony of your heart; listen to these tones over all the other convincing noise; move with this fresh, natural -- not stagnant -- movement of time, and allow your moments to become momentous . . . to make for an