Fly without Limitations


The first test of your pre-incarnate flight was to maintain the memory of your previous mastery in those locations of exponential advancements -- in the cultures of so many lifetimes, far beyond this planet’s primitive stumbling . . . a comparison not even close. The next test was for your post-incarnate journey -- to maintain an accelerated practice of exercise and diet to quiet and maximize your body’s frequency, with meditation and imagination to maintain hope in the midst of the brutal human ignorance that permeates this prehistoric planet. This alone allows you the freedom to access your incredible wisdom from those locations of your origins without having to continuously die to do it.

This is what Guru Nanak meant when he said, “Be dead while yet alive.” The ones, amongst you, who can fly in this way without the limitations of fear; who recall your pre-incarnate mastery without the limitations of doubt, and practice these sacred disciplines without the limitations of inconsistency -- you'll become the new prophets and the source-seers. You’re the ones who re-realize the origins of life . . . root of the word religion . . . to realize and realign origin. You’re the ones who can bring those contagious advancements from your pre-incarnate locations of the distant future, and stimulate evolution here in this primitive, prehistoric location that’s still trading in the brutality of collecting lands, and limiting the reality of connecting lives. Those steeped in this competition and ignorance will become jealous of your ability and want to discount, discredit and destroy it with a furious “faux-religious” opposition. This has been the case for thousands of years on this planet . . . “faux-religious” institutions accumulating space without distributing grace.

Our prayer is that you understand this ignorant offensive without taking offense; that you remember the grandeur of your past incarnations without taking pride in its grandeur; that you use the benevolent qualities of your memories to re-pollinate the current global brutality, and in the result of this hybridization, you create a future here that’s livable, endurable and sustainable.

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