Information must run in a segmented linear fashion to be fully captured by the human senses. However, the basic reality of atoms, and sub atomic particles, that make up everything, is a fluidity that’s continuous and fabric-like . . . unrecognizable to your sense's perception. This fluidity runs throughout matter, without the slightest hint of perception or measure. In other words, there’s an unfathomable world contained inside the dimensions your senses perceive. Only higher math currently explores these realms to understand their activities, but there’s also a higher "math" in your meditative mind that experiences this information when properly trained. This means that your brain-mind connection can be polished, concentrated, expanded and dedicated to see the unseen within the seen . . . imagine the unimaginable in imaginable ways, and coordinate all these sensations. When you’re able to understand inside these immeasurable realms, your brain-mind begins to operate in a kind of “time-less-ness.” It contradicts the false timings that humanity has placed on life . . . timings that actually confound the intuitive brain. These are the twelve months, when there are actually thirteen moons; twenty four hours, which is an arbitrary division, with minutes and seconds that only create friction, and undue pressures. True “time-less-ness” follows more natural timings . . . far healthier to life. The Sun has years, seasons, night and day . . . the Moon has thirteen cycles within each year of the sun. When you live with this natural rhythm, your brain-mind begins to perceive the unseen opportunities inside what the senses see. Our prayer is that you run your life more often on this clock of natural cycles; that you train your intuition to see the unseen and base a good day on that which is timeless, rather than always measuring your timeliness; that you are more involved with the circles of love, than the cycles of false timing, and then realize you are always here, and a good time is always deep inside of now.