Flow With The River Of Your Existence


It is said that your life concourses when the river of your existence converges with the line between source and destiny. When they touch, it is an unforgettable sensation. You are both a source seer and you are eternal, a source seer with an immortal authority. When you connect to your eternity, your destiny, you have immortal authority. All those who have experienced that confluence are registered on the pages of time in indelible ink. They are called avatars and prophets. Their followers, who think they own them, vie for market position. That’s when the scorekeeping begins: “How many followers?” “Oh, my God, we are losing the race.”

What is another word for source seer? Sorcerer! It has become a terribly misunderstood word, hasn't it? Because if you were a sorcerer with immortal authority, you were serious competition. Consequently, they outlawed sorcery and immortal authority. But your existence is an unbroken river from the beginning before any beginning: eternity has no beginning and no end, until the end beyond any end.

The more you can tap into that, the more you can connect to that, the more all those things you’re striving for, all those things you desire, just become. They were there all along. The only thing that changed was your awareness of their existence. Your desires are hints of what exists. No need to go in search of them.

Stop being a single drop of water and become the river. As a single drop of water, you’ve got a lot to worry about. You could get drunk by a fish or sucked up by a cloud. But as the river, you’re golden—because you simply are