Flex Your Intuition


The ultradian rest response is an event that takes place about every ninety minutes for a period of three to seven minutes (sometimes a little longer). During this time, your brain actually slows down to allow the positive/negative mind to literally collapse and your neutral mind engages. You can see this most clearly in young children and it is imperative we nurture their “daydreaming” or rest response. Follow suit and start getting in touch with your restful state, because it is literally what keeps your intuition active. Intuition is not just an opinion that you believe in. Intuition is actually an insight; something that comes to you and it appears so clear that its relevance is undeniable. In other words, a different framework is established and all those questions that you have can attract their own answers.  The easiest time to activate this is while you are in a meditative state or while you are sleeping because you won’t aggressively override your neutral mind. Before you go to sleep, ask your question and when you get up in the morning write down your answer. You can begin to exercise and strengthen your intuitive muscle. In order for us to become masters, we need to use the equipment that enables mastery. You were gifted the human birth not to slob through time and space -- you are living in the equipment of mastery.