Fit Within The Misfit  

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The Universe is a state of perfect balance with a slight imbalance. The slight imbalance creates all the movement and growth. Movement and growth are evolutionary attempts to correct the imbalance. Within the nature of the Universe any ‘seed’ fits so perfectly within its own balance . . . it can last for thousands of years as a balanced seed and retain the perfect capacity to germinate into the plant of its design. Seeds are the infinite nature of nature . . . a seed creates a plant -- the plant creates more seeds -- to create more plants . . . on and on. Germination is the determination to fit within the misfit created by germination. Your seed is the soul within your physical body . . . infinite capacity . . . and the Soul in your physical body fits perfectly. The water that’s added to this perfect fit is called time . . . and time . . . by design, does not fit.

Time is the misfit of nature . . . the cause of all the imbalances that create movement and growth. You must begin each day of your life with the realization . . . you fit perfectly in you . . . time, by design, does not fit. Prepare for the combination of your seed germinating within the time of life to create your movement, growth, and evolution. The time that does not fit, combined with the fact that you absolutely perfectly fit, creates your growth toward perfection. When you complain about the misfit of time, you’re unable to use the misfit for growth. Under the old evolutionary process, which was all about surviving, the misfit felt like a threat to existence. The response to the threat was to reject it and fight. The times have changed . . . evolution is no longer about survival; it’s about conscious awakening. The human being lags far behind this natural process . . . the only creature causing chaos and challenge.

Our prayer is that you connect with the purpose of these times; see the misfits in your life as growth opportunities and move with them; become one of the ones who answers the call, for now is the time to wake up, step up, and wake the world up. 

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