Finding Fulfillment in an Addictive Society through Art, Sport, and Yoga


Contributed by Jennifer Hooton It is easy to for our senses to be stimulated in a society where we are constantly bombarded by visual, aural, and other sensory distractions. From the moment we step out the door and witness the billboards and bright lights of our gleaming metropolises to returning home to televisions, tablets, smartphones and computers, we are surrounded with the obligation of acknowledging the technology which surrounds us. And as the world becomes faster, more efficient, and more productive, so too does it demand our own capabilities, and we are compelled to function at maximum capacity. Psychologically, many critics have argued that neoliberalism has brought out the worst in what is now an overly competitive and commercial society, where we are too often afraid to look inside ourselves and focus on our true and compassionate nature. We are cultivated to believe that we are not masters of our own destiny, and in the midst of this development, we cave into pressure and turn to stigmatized yet in some ways encouraged ways to cope like addiction. Yet the solution lies within the things which we do not value enough in our society, but are right on our doorstep – like practicing art, sport, and yoga among other techniques which can help to restore our sense of being in the world.