Filled with Purpose


There's reason for life; there's purpose in living . . . otherwise you wouldn't exist. You exist as a mixture of purpose with imagination, realization, projection, reflection, and re-creation . . . all sitting in a soup called 'now'. Whether your soup is chaotic, or calm, or loving -- is determined by how closely you live up to the realization of your unreasonable purpose. The reason it must be unreasonable, is that there's often no obvious reason to love . . . only now will your greater purpose tell you that love exists everywhere . . . always . . . and that's unreasonable. It's only this awareness of love . . . that will determine whether you experience it. You have purpose in loving, but you often find no reason to love; this is when you must become unreasonable in order to remain aware of the love that is everywhere, always. Life exists in an ocean of it . . . it's the only way for life to actually exist . . . the existence of this ocean. It's at the depths of your unreasonable-ness -- where you locate the tiny similarities within the chaotic differences -- it's in these tiny similarities, where you locate the connections; it's in these connections, where you locate shared purpose . . . and within this commonality, you're delivered to those peaceful solutions. Within peaceful solutions is where you experience the safety of clarity . . . in the sense of this safety, your awareness opens up to the love that is there, has always been there, and always will be there. Chaos generates all the problems, and problems separate you; being critical of problems is like watering a tree at the branches . . . deep watering the roots is far more effective. Deep watering the roots is like loving another person despite experiencing all their problems . . . the problems in their branches. Our prayer is that you take the time in this new year that's here now; hold your family in its highest place; expand your sense of the family tree to include more branches than you can reasonably imagine. Use this imagination to deep water the roots throughout your surroundings and experience the love that grows everywhere, always. It's unreasonable . . . yes . . . and, it's filled with purpose.