Fierce Grace


The women/females on this Earth -- of every species -- produce all life from their bodies...they give birth to everything. But, in religions, GOD is always the Father. GOD is referred to as the ‘HE’ who gave birth to the world and all the Universe. How can this be? Have you ever seen a pregnant man giving birth to anything? GOD can’t be only a Father that gave birth to the Creation? This is obviously a flawed idea. It’s actually an opinion from the deep and ancient past when lives needed protection and security from the unknown...a need for “daddy.” Why it’s still prevailing today is that no one has had the courage or inclination to challenge all the writings.

A great master in the twentieth century, Yogi Bhajan, in one of his many comical moments once said, “Let’s call it ‘He•She•It’. But the obvious problem arose from the sound when you say this quickly. Attempts to define what’s feminine, or unfeminine -- masculine, or non-masculine, are unable to understand either. Being feminine and assertive is one of countless aspects of femininity...aspects of the goddess. Look at the statues and paintings of the Goddess Kali, with flowers and fierce weapons...what’s called fierce grace.

There's no single aspect of either the feminine, or the masculine. Yogi Bhajan also emphasized evolving the “chicks” into “eagles”...moving women from being the object of fancy to being powerful warriors that gives birth to, and protect, the present and future of life. It’s a mistaken belief that women are weak and limited, for they are the most unlimited creatures in existence. Whenever you find yourself working with people who have the opinions of the feminine limits, either respond verbally -- if it’s worth it -- or, hold your words and remove yourself from the physical space. Do not remain in the space if you do not have the ability, or the inclination to clear it. Remaining in toxicity will imprint the falsehoods onto your psyche. It’s like walking through a smoke-filled room, even though you’re not a smoker, you’ll still smell like one when you exit.

Our prayer is that you learn and teach deep admiration for the Goddesses giving birth to this world.

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