Fate and Destiny


Where you are actually located right now in this life is what is referred to as “fate” – the actual conditions and consciousness and emotions and thoughts of this very accurate, yet un-progressed and un-regressed, moment. Your “destiny,” on the other hand, is your destination in life – the reality of who you ultimately are, of who you can become.

The journey of a human life is the travel from your fate to your destiny – from where you are, to who you are.

Most people, either consciously or unconsciously, distract themselves from living in either of these locations. They are neither where they are nor who they are, but a chaotic mixture. Distracted from the actualities of fate and doubting the possibilities of destiny. All this while life waits on some parallel track, waiting for consciousness to awaken to at least one of these opportunities.

The process of destiny lasts forever, but the awakening can happen in a single moment. Welcome this arrival with all your heart and with every breath.