Faith Not Fear


The depth of what's going on with masses of humanity is causing tremors throughout the psyche of the Earth. It’s perhaps most visible in certain countries -- always in front of the news -- but this underconsciousness has been here since the beginning of time. The reason it’s so vulnerable, delicate and dangerous now, even though it’s always existed, is due to the electronics that are multiplying its effects. As is known, the vast majority of suicides are not an attempt to kill one’s self, but an extreme call for help, the Earth at this moment is demonstrating this same extreme need. Every soul goes through this, you’ve been through it, and now there's a far larger crowd of humanity going through it. There’s always two thirds of the total population in this underconscious condition. Just as throughout much of nature, there's more offspring than adult animals and plants, during the birthing season . . . to insure survival. Within the evolution of the soul, there are also birthing seasons, and during them there's larger numbers at the beginning than there are at the end of mastery. Right now is the birthing season, and two of three humans are newborn . . . they’re underconscious beginners looking just like you, but they’re more innocent than you. They’re more delicate, vulnerable, and impressionable, and to hide this they use aggression and false arrogance . . . just like a child. An individual, or group of individuals can easily influence them into a mob with images of false danger and this is now happening. For every action there’s reaction, but today’s reaction to this underconscious wave has been weak because higher-consciousness is nonaggressiveness and far less emotionally charged. Our prayer is that you’re aware you are superconscious; time to become super active without aggression, but with motivated intentions; that you activate your devotional body to neutralize the emotional bodies filling Earth’s blogosphere; that you ignite your devotions of inspiration not excitement; enthusiasm not aggression; faith not fear, and love not hate, for the scales of justice and balance depend on you now more than ever.