explore the eye of the universe


A picture of the eye of the universe, the realm of the deep central sun, is identical to the patterns in the iris of your two eyes, yet a full understanding of the magnitudes of this realm make no sense to these two sensory organs, it only makes sense to your 3rd eye. What you experience as your experience in life is as unique as this pattern in your iris, and in your finger prints . . . yet at the level of awareness that the 3rd eye perceives -- nothing is different . . . everything around you is connected to you . . . virtually the same as you. This is the riddle of reality, and the reality of the riddle. What you experience with your senses all around you, are the three and four dimensional attractions of your life. These attractions are also the three and four dimensional distractions standing in the way of the awakening of your higher consciousness. Throughout the history of spirituality, the seekers thought that these three and four dimensions must be avoided. They were considered disruptive and stifling to the consciousness. And yet, try as they might, they could not escape. Along comes the concept of grishtha ashram, enlightened householding, if you create a practice to conscientiously breathe and meditate deeply each day, you will eventually find that these dimensions are not distractions at all, but the keys to decoding the riddle. There's a saying, "No matter where you go, there you are." When your meditations accept living in a physical world dominated by third dimensional space and fourth dimensional time, you then relax with these attractions/distractions and discover the keys and doorways to the riddle's code. Our prayer is that you master these keys and doorways with your meditations; hack the codes that hold the riddles with your mantras; enable your destiny to fully awaken; explore the eye of the universe . . . and be you being you.