Experiencing Events


What if the next time you have an emotionally painful experience, you don’t run away from it? What if, by not avoiding this event, you actually have the experience of experiencing the event? What if, by consciously breathing during this experience of the event, you calm yourself?

What if, within this calm, you reduce all reference to “other;” Another cause as the cause – the sensation as something other than you; another time without this sensation; another person as the cause of this sensation. What would it be like if this externalizing was not the dominant pattern in your psyche?

This would be the outskirts of the suburbs of the village of your liberation. This would be the gateway to your freedom. This would be the path to the castle of your prosperity and fulfillment and all the pain and reference to other is the moat of your pain surrounding it.

Dive into the moat. Swim through your pain, cross over it and reach your castle. This castle contains your purpose, fulfillment and all that you have been living for. It has always been here with you, waiting for you to awaken.


Welcome to the new evolution. You are one of the early pioneers.