Experience Your Animals


Whenever you experience your animals, and you’re left with that sense of compassion . . . you’re experiencing their natural connection beyond time. This compassionate connection serves all life, a connection of unison that makes your animals so special, and such great teachers. You experience this as their master, but stop and entertain a moment when you’re the creature; they’re the "master." You’ve seen a large flock of birds . . . a school of fish . . . all moving in unison without the slightest visable sign of what causes the instant shift in direction. This is that connection beyond time; it works amongst a species, and across species. It connects you and your animals; you and your loved ones; you and your co-workers. Animals have this naturally wired into their ‘non-choices’ . . . you can activate this in your relations. It turns on a higher level of communication that’s effortless, compassionate and simultaneous. Such is the nature of a ‘cultural’ vision and/or mission . . . just like the flock of birds it creates unison and harmony. Think of your relations between family or co-workers as the quantum possibilities of an undisturbed particle – like dice flying through the air -- a blur of spinning opportunities, not yet noticed; not yet observed, assigned, or chosen. Within this state of possibilities (the dice still in the air), there’s a moment of choice . . . the dice hit the table as one of the possibilities. For you, this landing is your choices; your entire system is wired for choices . . . you make them several times each moment . . . they range from a complete mess, to total success. Because your animals do not have these choices, their vision and mission are their connections . . . moving in unison . . . living in peace . . . being productive . . . achieving success . . . all the ‘relational missions’ of nature. Our prayer is that you set your relations to capture the highest possibilities of connection within each moment; follow the lead of your animals and emulate their ‘non-choice’ behavior with your choice of a 'vision and mission' that cause the ‘random’ nature of nature to become the opportunities for your greatest success.