Experience the Nature of Nature


Sun storms have a huge impact on the mental body, just as they do on all communication systems . . . anything working with electronic signals. The cycle of Sun storms is eleven years -- also the cycle of the mental body. The magnetic field of the moon affects the emotional body, as water is one of the strongest emotional elements in its capacity for motion. The cycle of the emotional, also known as 'karmic' body, is seven years . . . like "break a mirror -- seven years bad luck." This mirror is the reflection of the outside world . . . fail to "see the other as you" . . . there's a seven year cycle of karma. Solar winds stream out at speeds of one million miles per hour . . . hyper-active during solar storms, when both the Sun and Moon magnify their impact. These winds are a blast of plasma -- charged electrons, protons, photons, and neutrons -- creating an interplanetary magnetic soup. This carries the core information throughout the solar system that human consciousness -- when awakened -- can decode. The photons (light particles) are the change agents. They are either (turned on), (turned off), or "fuzzy" (neither on nor off). This is exactly the binary code of computer programming . . . (ones) and (zeroes) combined in strings. Nature messages this way to everything . . . even your thoughts and feelings. In this industrial age -- surrounded by electricity in the walls and microwaves in the air -- the photons are becoming "fuzzier" . . . losing their core message; creating conflicting electro-magnetic fields, and interfering with your own. A world with massive layers of confused information -- where lies can pose as the truth. Violence and frustration occupy this world . . . you feel refreshed when you get out into nature . . . you're thoughts are unaltered . . . your feelings are clearer. This is why mystics would live in the solitude of nature. Our prayer is that you allow yourself to experience the nature of nature; that you practice yoga which also builds your natural magnetic field, and that when you're feeling confused, lost, or frustrated . . . isolate for an hour, or more, with stretching and silence -- breathing and mantra . . . get back -- be true.