Experience the Angels by Your Side


It’s come to this time of times when -- in real life terms -- you must strongly connect to that which has been built into the Multiverse to assist your soul. The ‘legions of angels’ that serve and support this Earthly portion of your eternal life are so needed right now. These angelic forms access the connection with you through their higher dimensions . . . it’s an “other” spacetime that co-occupies the space and time you exist in.  A legion represents 4,444 -- and you have several . . . some say seven legions is the exact number. If so, that would mean that each person literally has 31,108 angels working in support of all that they do. To empower this relationship, as a working reality, just believe it’s true, and then turn this belief into knowledge . . . they're right there when you’re aware. At other times, they’re there when you least expect it. They’re particularly there when you’re excelling beyond your known capacity . . . reaching toward your highest goals . . . emotionally and mentally stretched. They’re also right there beside you when you feel lost, only this can also become a bit of a trap. These are the times when the angels, who have always supported you, come to your side and offer that extra comfort, giving the feeling that life will work out . . . even without your effort. People -- attaching to this sympathy -- can rely on being “lost” in order to experience this ethereal assistance.

Instead, let them wrap tightly around your excellence, to guide and guard you from disruptions and accidents, then guide you to awaken and fulfill your purpose. This is their “job” -- relate to them in a conscious way, and give them the ability to guide you through it . . . consciously. The realms they occupy, also contain those dear relatives and pets that have gone before you . . . just waiting for you to notice them and relate once again. You’ll become aware, nothing changes in death except the costume the soul is dressed up in . . . from a visible three dimensional body, they take on the costume of invisibility.

Our prayer is that you relate and experience this sole (soul) purpose of the angels by your side . . . experience them with gratitude.

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