Experience Life's Full Spectrum


A metaphor in the present time: You are the teacher in a classrom of twenty young children. There are nineteen dedicated students in the room and one dedicated screamer. Who captures the attention of the class? The teacher, the subjects, or the screamer?

When friends gather around you and angels sing in your name, but a few people speak out strongly against you, what is the final calculation? Who captures your attention?

Friends and angels sing praises at a much higher frequency, with a subtler melody and a softer volume. One must be devoted to the positive to hear them.

With this proper outlook, all criticism takes its appropriate place -- a single seat within the registry of life in the classroom Earth. The critics do not overwhelm the system. The screaming does not capture all the attention. Efforts to learn and grow can be more balanced, but always be aware that the screaming child sits inside you too.

What joy exists within a world of balance! The nineteen devoted students within you are now set free to learn from each lesson of life, without being tormented by the hollers of fear and doubt.