Expand the Possibilities and Probablities


Expanding your personal model of time, expands the boundaries and measures of your consciousness. By expanding these boundaries, it expands the possibilities and probabilities . . . this opens the space and time required to turn possible and probably into actual. There's an ancient proverb, when translated it says: "The higher you fly, the greater the much." Time is both space in motion through a point of reference, and a point of reference moving through a volume of space . . . they're inseparable. The space you occupy is a wave in this fabric of time; the time you spend is a wave in the fabric of space. In Universal terms, these movements and changes are measured in such vast numbers (billions of Earth years), that it appears to be static, but nothing ever began -- because 'something' was always going on before 'that' -- whatever 'that' is, or was. By realizing -- like the skin on your body -- the surface of the Earth is constantly changing; the space that surrounds Earth, the sky and the Universe, is constantly changing -- you alter the foundations of your consciousness. You begin to realize that time is forever; it's divided into the moments we perceive; it has always existed with its waves in constant motion. You begin to comprehend that space expands according to the needs of time; the needs of time shift according to the collective beliefs of the space. This is the material basis of the phenomenon of tolerance . . . to accommodate . . . you tolerate that which forever accommodates you. When you think and emote beyond the limits of limitation -- then all the individual beings -- the social systems, and the ecosystems -- the entire material Universe becomes a network of inseparable relationships. Our prayer is that you make a decision to ignore any limits that appear to be there; that you tolerate your limitlessness; accommodate the same in others; realize "reality" is a habit of current thinking . . . patterns in the un-expanded models of time. Expand your model to such a degree that it welcomes the changes that will automatically occur in others . . . "become the change you want to see in this world."