Evolving Into the Modern Human


A modern human lives in a worship body rather than a work body. We can’t fly, jump, swim, lift or run as mightily as most animals. As we are born we are completely helpless for a great reason. Our evolution has consisted of building the human anatomy to allow us to achieve our ultimate purpose, oneness in awareness, and being capable of achieving enlightenment. We have now reached the stage where we have to cross from the old purpose of survival to a new era. Survival emotions like fear and aggression need to be done away with, so we could replace them.

The human child is born helpless. Just learning how to walk takes so long in comparison to other species. The human child isn’t destined for labor, but to awaken its power of awareness, to expand its brilliance and enlighten itself from the collective human consciousness. Learn to observe and encourage children as they embark on this adventure.

Our bodies are now finely tuned instruments to be kept healthy, happy, whole and holy; to nourish, to exercise for both strength and flexibility, and to carry our consciousness on its vast evolutionary path.

The development of the human brain must focus on enlightenment. Our society’s focus on logic and testing cause problems such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and depression. This kind of bored child will go on to live an unfulfilled life, overly focused on work.

We must transform and transpose how we raise and educate children. This is the new evolution. It is time to become our greatest greatness.