Evolution of Belief


Scientists working with bats have finally discovered their mechanics of landing upside down. It all comes round to inertia: when landing, the bat pulls in one wing and leaves the other extended so that they can flip over -- lift slightly -- plant their feet -- and land upside down on a surface that's above them. Far from getting in the way, the weight of their long wings is a key to these airborn mammals mastering this very tricky maneuver. How many times have you encountered the need to master a tricky maneuver in your world . . . a challenge that seems impossible to solve? Look again, because everything -- in every moment -- has a complete set of possibilities built into it . . . action-reaction and every angle (pointing toward the possible) in between. Look even closer, the solution must always be there -- it's the law of nature -- nothing exists without its polarity . . . not even the most challenging of challenges. Airplanes, phones, recorders, pianos, mobile phones, cameras, photocopiers, radios, televisions, violins, back flips, cartwheels and sky-diving, all appeared beyond reach at some point. What changed are the dynamics of belief . . . the events themselves remained the same . . . never changing. The evolution of belief is a progression -- first comes an idea, then comes its desires that build until their expectations produce a belief, or a doubt. Doubt is self-fulfilling, it can always stop progress, yet once there's a glimmer of belief, the knowledge and skill to succeed are at your fingertips . . . then it's just a matter of taking the steps. Our prayer is that you consider your impossible dreams to be the possibilities that are evolving, from their helpless birth, into a reality that's destined to fulfill their maturity. Look at every angle -- even the impossible ones -- build the inertia, for when you live with belief, you are truly on purpose. You can even "stick" your landings upside down and backwards if ever needed . . . like a "bat out of hell" entering heaven.