Everyone Has the Birthright to Define Who They Are


Countless opinions circulate around this three dimensional space of “civilization” regarding what’s masculine and what’s feminine. And so they are: just adjunct opinions -- tangential to older opinions -- all without real basis or value. There’s actually no real measure of femininity, and masculinity. Subjective translations, based on opinionated definitions, have been in existence for a very long time. Even labeling masculine energy and feminine energy is a barbaric result of a struggling evolution in which humanity has stumbled through ten thousand years since removing the last great dangers to survival. Every threat to existence since then, has been “man made” . . . whole cloth shaped by “men” attempting to hold onto a position of “leadership.” The word patriotism comes from the root ‘patriarch’, which was a demand for obedience to the king -- fighting the king’s battles, and protecting the king’s possessions. But even this ancient practice is not masculinity . . . it’s just barbaric corruption.

You are who you are, and however that looks, everyone has the birthright to define who they are. The current inclusions of gender neutral, and other tolerant attitudes around gender, are evolutionary advancements . . . not passing phases. Any accusations that judge this, lack the wisdom of common sense, as well as the source code for any future. Life is going this way, with or without the resistance. To balance out accusations around who you are, you must achieve a conscious power in which your values are more precious, and vital, than the accusations. For this vitality to be authentic, there can be no emotional attachment . . . just the deep power of knowing. Instead of accusations feeling hurtful, or judgmental, they're silly, uninformed, immature, and unimportant. The deep meditations for asserting this ‘value over opinion’ dynamic; for restoring vitality to your sense of self, are known as ‘Shakti’ . . . the pure power of goddess.

Our prayer is that you know this inherent power inside you; that you feed it’s vital and healthy balance, and allow this vitality to lead you to be exactly who you are. 

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