Even Distribution


The pathway to happiness requires that your consciousness be evenly divided three ways: between body, mind and spirit. However, today it is common for eighty-five to ninety-five per cent of attention to be dedicated to body, creating an imbalance and generating unhappiness. Everybody has 100% of their own time, and is aware of what distributing it evenly would mean. But it requires a choice to be made, and then this choice to be disciplined. Not everybody has this opportunity, but those of you who live in a world of freedom, think about what you are throwing away.

Observe this truism as is, without wanting it to be different; without defense or preference. Observe exactly what is, and find the answer to your dreams. This way you can observe a pathway that has never been clear to you before, and that can teach you how to divide your attention, marking your way to happiness.

This even distribution transcends time-space and heals the impossible, understands the undeniable, achieves the improbable and manifests happiness everywhere. Let us cherish the freedoms we do have and work to discipline our balance within them. Then let us campaign for these freedoms to be evenly distributed around this planet because remember: happiness is a human birthright, not a privilege.