Entitlement -- the bud feels entitled to become the full blossom -- entitlement is the power that makes it all come true. It’s also the life-style and attitude of royalty and the ultra-wealthy – it’s a training of expectations and limitless capacity that's instilled into the physical, emotional, and mental bodies from a very early age. And just like the bud to the blossom, this deep programming ignites the psycho-emotional power of the human psyche . . . the results have been witnessed throughout the history of civilization. Entitlement can achieve what is thought to be impossible . . . it achieves because it knows it has the right to achieve. There’s an old saying however: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” With this attitude of entitlement there’s nearly always been a selfish counter-component attached to the absolute power. Knowing there’s a way; there’s a capacity, and there’s a right has accompanied a sense of superiority. Now imagine having the power of that same entitled attitude, but combined with massive empathy, benevolence and compassion. Imagine having the vision to achieve combined with the mission to include. For sure, the idea of perfect mastery is a fantasy, but imagine a state of entitled idealism as a pathway toward that unachievable perfection . . . imagine walking that path . . . this is the middle path of the Buddha-state. It’s not something that has an achievable end-point, nor is it a journey that is ever to be completed, but along this endless path are life’s extraordinary events. Recognizing that you are royal, infinite, eternal and entitled is what you were born to experience; there’s no other reason for your existence; there’s no other path for you to travel . . . you’ve been down them all. Our prayer is that you realize your entitlement in the midst of the connection and compassion you’ve begun to master; that you do not shy away from the birthright of your purpose in life, but enter each day with the power of knowing you’re entitled to achieve it, and destined to receive it . . . become the blossom of your bud.