Enthusiastically Make Your Choices


Enthusiasm -- often associated with youth; at times connected to irresponsibility; then, experienced as overpowering, disruptive, or out of place in social settings. For this reason, there are cultures of “adult” age people who avoid enthusiasm at any time . . . "playing their cards close to the chest” . . . stagnating. All of this has given enthusiasm a reputation, sometimes good -- but often bad -- and why there’s resistance and stagnation with the ideas and energies that are critical to solving today's issues. We have a world that’s constantly changing, and currently changing at warp speed, combined with large sections of the populace that resist change. This polarity between how the world is naturally changing, and the unwillingness of people to enthusiastically embrace it, produces human stress and tension among the factions. When this tension reaches a sublimation level, the response is generalized fear, aggression and war. Enthusiasm is important in these moments because it's a great technique for moving stagnation by using its stress and tension . . . stagnation that's been unwilling to shift under any other influence begins to move. Enthusiasm -- when applied to moments like this -- can produce clarity out of stagnation, faith out of fear, and allow intuition to replace the ignorant noise of banter . . . a banter that leads to violence. The clarity and intuition, that come with this enthusiasm, allow movement to open options before the outcomes are known . . . this is faith. It’s faith in the unknown, and movement that doesn't have to be pre-approved in order to be allowed. Enthusiasm opens this faith and intuition. Our prayer is that you enthusiastically move whenever there's stagnation; recognize faith’s advantage over every challenge; develop this movement without knowing the outcome and discover a world of options . . . then intuitively and enthusiastically make your choices.