entangled light photons


The entire human body is filed with light (waves and particles/photons) passing through nano-crystals. These crystals, suspended in your body fluids, are all refracting, reflecting, magnifying and transmitting this light throughout your body-system. When placed under pressure, nano-crystals act as 'piezoelectric generators' and then produce electro-magnetic fields. These fields cause your individual body-system to interact and entangle with other bodies . . . your relations, your relatives and your animals. This is the force of attraction behind all relationship clusters and personal connections. There's a phrase, 'locality loopholes' -- it's used to explain the quantum speed of the relation between entangled light photons. No matter what the distance, entangled photons affect and react to each other 10,000 times faster than the speed of light. When in relation our light-bodies are filled with these entangled photons . . . we are forever woven together no matter how far apart, nor how distant the past, or the future. Our prayer is that you ride your light-body like an angelic force through the wilderness of life -- past, present and future -- knowing that you are always connected . . . knowing you are always affecting each other faster than the speed of light . . . forever.