Enlightenment is Completely Unfamiliar


There's an unusual evolutionary flaw amongst humans that Yogi Bhajan addressed once when he said, "Everyone grows old, very few ever grow up." We're very much like little children, but with a reversal -- where little children are often afraid of the dark, spiritual seekers are often afraid of too much light. Spiritual seekers will walk on the edge of darkness -- the threshold of light -- in order to maintain their sense of familiar identity. Deep in the light, in the brightest parts of your enlightenment, there's no shadow, no perspective . . . no identity at all. At this location you are merged with everything, which is extremely disorienting . . . you have to be at ease with being lost. Our dear friend, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inspired the cover of the Beatles White Album with this perspective . . . as you recall, their faces on that album were devoid of any features or characteristics, all that was there were their eyes peering through blank faces. This is the nature of the deep light -- uncomfortable to say the least -- comfort rides the edge of darkness, never losing sight of the familiar characteristics -- always relating as the person within a familiar persona. But enlightenment is completely unfamiliar; you move into an enlightened state without any of the known views; so far from the edge of darkness that you have no clue how to return to it. Our prayer is that you have this much courage; that you enthusiastically walk through the edge of any darkness; walk beyond this threshold of rules and embrace the 'you' beyond familiarity . . . the light-body of 'you' . . . the planet needs this 'you' right now to lead it out of its darkness.