Enjoy Your Unknown Nature


Our job is to place ourselves back before we were so rudely interrupted. It is to put our bodies back in shape before we ate blood, when we knew about sacred sound, when we knew about proper posturing and when we weren’t plagued by fears or worries or concerns or doubts or confusion. If we needed to get our point across, we didn’t yell. We spoke so softly you had to strain to hear me. In that strain, you would work for the information. When you  did that, you would honor it because it has value to you.

What you will end up with, if you allow yourself to end up with it, is an understanding of your relationship with cosmos, which is a very large relationship. It doesn’t end with the end of life and it doesn’t begin at the beginning of life, as it never ends and it never began.

Release your dilemmas and let someone else solve them. You have held onto them long enough. They identify you. You will be uknown to yourself when you release them. Enjoy your unknown nature.