Engage Yourself in a Routine of Truth


What if we were to discover that a greater part of life's purpose, the most important part of our conscious growth pattern, was to break this illusion . . . the inability to see the total connection of all things? What if we were to do something to create a routine — a routine that engaged us in a sort of detective search for the answer — the "PIN" number one might say? What if we explored the universe for this code that accesses the ability to disassemble the perception of the "grand-other" as being other than the self? Would this be empowering? If you corrected this collective mental concept and regained your ability to see beyond this illusion — would this solve many challenges and answer many questions?

A truly conscious person does this instead of attempting to change the "grand other." A truly conscious person understands the illusion — every one and every thing is a reflection, a magnification of a facet of the self. A truly conscious person does not have the prejudice of seeing the other as other.

The Buddha said it best: "When you see worthiness, praise it . . . When you see unworthiness, look for the common thread connecting to you." The truly conscious person accepts the wholeness of all matter and applies this perception without preference to life and all its events . . . seeing the "grand-other" as a lesson full of messages.