Endless is Your Spirit


Using gravitons instead of photons one can “see" and “hear” beyond the corners of spacetime. A graviton is an elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation and initiates quantum tension. One of the first particles formed from literally nothing like the Sanskrit word ‘Guru’ . . . ‘Gu’ is nothing from which ‘Ru’ (the light) is formed. Gravitons demonstrate space before time -- impossible to experience in three and four dimensions. They reach into the megaverse for the full recordings of history . . . everything tension has gone through since its initiation. The Avesta (Zoroastrian) masters, and the Vedic (Yoga) masters taught this “view” of the universe, megaverse and multiverse in their teachings on intuition. Using the meta-senses (rasa) . . . sensing the tensor-force fields (gravitons) around spacetime, allows you to perceive a space in a different time . . . even before it was space. This process is the fundamentals of intuition, but in order to experience this, you must reduce every moment and movement in your own field to zero . . . there can be absolutely nothing whatsoever. In order to "experience" beyond it -- you must reach through it. It’s what every newborn child is experiencing in the first weeks of life. There are many corners in the vast fabric of spacetime . . . corners are invisible and undetectable with three and four dimensional instruments of any kind. All measures are measurements of relations, but with the admission of gravitons there's reference without this relativity . . . it’s the universe as a hologram; it’s not a binary system at all, but a unified oneness. It actually cannot be measured . . . its time can't be measured . . . its space can't be measured . . . the idea that the multiverse had a beginning can't be measured. Our prayer is that you’re able to understanding without comprehending that there is no beginning without a previous end; that all previous ends had existence before their ends occurred . . . right after a previous existence . . . ad-infinitum. At the foundation of your daily meditation, realize how very physically small you are, and how endless your spirit is. Be reborn daily . . . and be grateful in life.