Enable your Flexibility


Why, when searching for life on other planets, is water such a key to the search? Water is more than you can ever imagine . . . it is key to your imagination. In metaphysics, it rules the second chakra -- the center of reproduction (the imagined future); and the center of emotions (the power behind this imagination). The Earth's surface is 75% water; your body is 70% to 75% water; your brain is 90% water . . . water makes life possible. Water contains nano-crystals, they clearly display themselves when it slows down, when it freezes, when it freezes as snowflakes. Water is a tremendous conductor and carrier of electricity, our bodies and our planet are electric . . . they are electro-magnetic. Dr. Jacque Benveniste studied and documented the memory-capacities of water, which are the electro-magnetic qualities of the crystals within it, and the foundational essence of homeopathic medicine . . . a medicinal-memory. Water stores memory and then transmits it through your water filled cells and tissues. Water is also extremely forgiving -- it does not hold on to old shapes; when you she'd tears, you shed some of the pain of your old memories -- clearing the path for new joys . . . you can laugh so hard you cry, and cry so hard you laugh. Water forms the pathway for your intuition -- the more inclination you have toward this fluidity and change, the more your attitude has access to hidden solutions; your ability to transmit and receive answers increases and surrenders its fixation on any old dramas and traumas. It's all in the interchanging, crystalline nature of the water as you break down your rigid structure of memory and stored pain. Our prayer is that you allow your water to enable your flexibility; allow your flexibility to reveal your solutions; allow your solutions to create your future, and allow your future to appear in this moment -- to shine a light on and lighten the pain of your sorrows and the sorrow-filled pain of others . . . become the solution . . . become like water.