Emotions are Tools


All of the emotions are ever present in the collective system of life. It's never how much of them you contain, it's how skilled you are at using them as tools. Learning to master this system of tools; to depart from the collective human patterns of emotional reaction; to break these current barbaric human habits . . . this is one of the highest goals of awakening . . . the awakening of the compassionate consciousness. This will be what sets you apart from the chaos in the current human storm . . . this will connect you back into the natural evolutionary progression . . . into the awakening state. Awakened, is your human birthright; humanity has been stuck for several thousand years in an emotional cul-de-sac. The physical body, and the mental body have evolved to the point of this conscious awakening, but the emotional body is fixated on the ancient barbaric inclinations . . . fearful, doubtful, vengeful survival thinking. This is a pandemic -- it's in the survival as individuals; of religious beliefs; of natioinal boundaries; of racial and cultural distinctions; of marriage -- and none of these peceived threats are real. It's all a corrupted distortion of the human belief systems left over from the days of true danger, but today it's interfering with the natural systems and human coexistence. Life is a phenomenon of coexistence . . . without the forgiving, compassionate consciousness to access the human abilities through the meditative brain-mind connection, the human is actually the most dangerous creature on the planet. With a fully developed mental body and physical body, but without the emotional maturity to go along with this -- the only reaction is greater and greater weapons systems. Our prayer is that you're an outlier; that you're compassionate in the face of the fearful; loving in the face of the violent; understanding of all those emotional children with adult minds and bodies who've no way of navigating life except with terror and violence. Help them to help themselves . . . their violence is a scream for help . . . your compassionate consciousness will create the peace that allows human life to live on Earth.