Emotions are tools used throughout the various stages of development in a healthy child’s life. From zero to three years old each child experiences the complex world around it with personal inability; it’s envious of what it experiences as the abilities of others, and uses frustration to achieve these same skills. Walking and talking; holding, and physically manipulating objects, are a few of the skills mastered in this way. The next period of development is from three to seven. Envy becomes more pronounced as jealousy; frustration -- the motivating engine -- becomes stronger as anger. This may not appear overtly, but for a healthy child to become a healthy adult, it must happen . . . at least on the interior. At seven years, the baby teeth fall out and the child is no longer the “cutesy” little object.The progression of growth turns a little more serious -- becoming deeper into observation to learn, with determination to achieve. Determination is known as the wise form of anger, and if this is stage is missing, internal and external anger will continue to dominate life. We all know “adults” who use frustration, or anger, to stimulate their achievements. At twelve, the end of this more “serious” period, a healthy child’s world becomes one of imagination and quest . . . this will last until eighteen. This stage is the most disrupted by today’s world of consumerism. Marketing targets the imagination, and quest never fully emerges, due to the insecurities of marketing’s use of competitive approval . . . envy and jealousy; anger and frustration remain in place. Marketing purposely maintains the sense of competitive disadvantage and false insecurity to sell into. The child emerges to a world -- trapped in stages, never fully experienced -- stages not able to be released. You know individuals and whole cultures in this condition. Our prayer is that you begin to experience this world through your sensory wisdom; understand your experience and respond without judgement; help those around you to develop through what’s been missing, and nourish those you meet to fully develop their life in a healthy, happy and holy way. Stimulate human nature to become more natural.