Studies by our good friend, the late Jonathon Lilly, demonstrated that Dolphins have the healthiest emotional body of any mammal. They will always be honest and authentic; completely exposing their true feelings, for a maximum of fifteen seconds, and then they’re over it. Whether it’s anger, joy, jealousy, sadness, or any other emotion, they don't hold it in. Humans nuance their emotions, they hold on to them, they build up inside the body where they stagnate and corrupt the current moment with the pent up emotional messaging of previous moments. It was the Buddha who said, “Any emotion, when fully experienced or expressed, turns into joy.” This is because ‘joy’ is the foundation of all emotions . . . the base coat in the emotional body. Without this ability to fully release your emotions into the moment from which they arise, they linger and ambush future moments -- in which they may not apply, may not be welcome -- but come out when you’re least prepared. After a time, these “armies” of emotions, roaming in the background of your psyche, build their opportunities to launch an attack . . . not because they’re bad or plotting, but because they're biologically stored in the tissue of your body, and must be released. Not only is it unhealthy to hold them in, it’s actually impossible. This is one of the reasons why a daily practice of meditation and yoga are so beneficial. In these practices you’re able to process these stored emotions and move them through the body without having to “target” someone or something with them. Processing emotions through physical postures and meditation is not only healthy -- it’s extremely revealing . . . you learn about yourself and the deeper layers of your experiences. Our prayer is that you experience your emotions with the authenticity of expression -- internal and external; that you process the ones that are unexpressed through your daily practice; that you live each moment -- unencumbered by any debris from the past, and experience this clarity in the joy of authenticity and honesty.