Emotional Intuitive


Emotions are more powerful than thoughts and will override your thoughts most easily. Emotions are a body unto themselves and are responsible for the health of your other bodies. Even fear and doubt have a purpose in life . . . all emotions do, it's knowing their proper time, place and amount that makes them purposeful and wise. Without proper use, emotions will be disruptive. Take doubt for example . . . it can be looked at in two directions: 1) that you should stop from proceeding, or 2) that you should learn something that makes you more efficient and effective before proceeding. In the world of personal growth, doubt can cause you to question your ability; to reestablish your capacity; to rededicate your practices so that you’re able to proceed and achieve your goals. There have always been those who’ve recommended being doubt-free and fear-free. But in fact, no one is free from any of the entire package of emotions . . . everyone has then all. They all have a place and time -- to be able to use each of them in their proper place; in the most appropriate amount, and at the right time, is one of the reasons for your daily practice. You practice in order that your intuitive skills, talents, and abilities become more attuned to the time, place, and amount required by an appropriate emotion in each moment. Our prayer is that you are emotional intuitive and intelligent; that you understand the exact amount that’s necessary, wherever and whenever it’s necessary; that you’re confident (which is an emotion) with your emotional skills, and that you use them benevolently . . . for the good of everyone, and then enjoy the joy in your moments of emotional success.