Embracing New Patterns


Whenever growth occurs in life; whenever the same old patters no longer fit into your environment, it can cause considerable angst. Fitting back into the same old patterns would mean a refusal to accommodate your new growth, which is a very common problem and the reason true growth is so difficult. This refusal and reversal of growth can leave you wondering what is wrong, all the while relieved that you are “back to normal.”

On the other hand, by allowing this angst to simply state its case of uncertainty without accommodating or reacting to it, you relax all resistance to the unfamiliar. The new growth will find its patterns in your environment and become the new familiarity. This requires courage, faith and trust and is the only way to sustain growth.

In other words, don’t try to fit in – you fit perfectly in you. By allowing the discomfort of not fitting in to simply be, the arena around you is forced to comply with your new form. This isn’t easy, but, ultimately it will be rewarding.

If your need is to be normal then you will not walk on this path. Remember that the only constant in this universe is change, so as Gandhi once said: “Become the change you want to see.”