Ego is the Glue that Holds Soul into Body


Spirit enters the physical body, diving into the womb, four moons after conception. Just as with the construction of a home, a family doesn't move in when it’s just 2x4's and cement; they move in when everything’s done. Driven by the One-Soul -- a consciousness, an awareness known as ‘spirit’ -- enters its completed ‘body-glove’ to journey yet another incarnation. Collecting sacred assignments and the will to envision the future -- it enters the womb. This word 'womb' is from Sanskrit; it means ‘future-vision’. ‘Man’ means ‘now & mind’ -- womb-man (woman) is the future embedded within now. This consciousness (spirit) -- driven by the soul -- orbits the mother even before conception and stays with the mother even if there’s a miscarriage. The ancient wisdom-keepers would say “Spirit can even cause conception, by making the two participants look really good to each other at a particular moment.” Then spirit supervises the construction . . . making sure that everything is happening just right. At the end of the fourth moon, 112 to 120 days, construction is complete, spirit puts on its ‘body-glove’ and begins learning the art-science of physical existence . . . fitting into itself. It's advised -- by the masters -- “Never try to fit in . . . you fit perfectly in you.” Spirit has been without a ‘body-glove’ for some time, in between incarnations, it has to learn how it all functions again . . . the muscles to arms to fingers; the pelvis to legs to feet -- and so on. The fetus does this from the roots of its bones . . . yoga in womb. One thing about your body, it's made up of all densities; some very deep, some not at all; it's the electromagnetics of tension, pressure, stress and friction that hold it all together . . . this is controlled by the spirit, the will, and the ego. Yogi Bhajan would say, "Ego is the glue that holds soul into body; ‘will’ is the center-point of your heart, turning the possible into the actual; spirit is the conscious vision of what is possible." Our prayer is that you reach into your spirit to find a vision for the future; follow this vision by willing your ego to produce a life that serves you and everything . . . relate wIth this often.