Slow your rhythms down. Efficiency isn’t about speed, but about connection, traction, grip and accuracy. These all tend to fulfill a time-line faster than any speed. There is a Native American proverb: A young boy asks his Grandmother how long it will take him to accomplish his task. “Well,” she answers. “It should take about a week if you set your mind to it. But if you really hurry, it will take at least two weeks.”

Be un-cautious, but do not be unconscious. Small focused steps produce greater achievements because they advance and do not stumble. Small steps become the biggest steps of all, for small steps add up. Big steps can become extremely small when they fall down; and stumbles require recovery.

Real-time and perceived time have a relationship. Their relationship will determine our relationship with progress. Our relationship with progress determines our relationship with hope and our hope determines our mood, which in turn determines our perception which determines our sense of time.

Never allow yourself to remain uncomfortable because the present time reminds you of the past. Never allow yourself to be uncommitted because you are unable to know how. Turn the clock forward from the past to the inspiration of now. The inspiration of now contains all the reasons of why. Once you commit to the reasons of why, the how shows up. Once you commit to the now something is to be done, the how shows up. Inspiration arrives with a commitment and inspiration then fills it to the brim with the details of the how.

Use this in your life to have the time of your life. Use the time of your life to create the dreams of your life. Use the dreams of your life to attract relationships into your life. Share the time of your life with the relationships of your life.

This is the new evolution. This is the greatest efficiency and purpose of life.