Educating in this World


When it comes to educating children in this world, one size doesn’t fit all. Within the categories we have already labeled the unable, disabled, the special needs and those lacking in particularly common abilities, rest other advanced abilities excitedly sprinkled amongst these children with unusual and phenomenal capacities. Children are, in fact, able to see this world through a wide variety of lenses if we allow them to. Our job as educators is not to label and categorize the child’s abilities, but to excite our own ability of enabling dormant powers – unique powers resting within every child on Earth. Our task is to invoke the discovery process, rather than define it.

Discovery is an adventure of common sense in that it makes no sense in the world of “growing up.” It is professionally known as education. True education, however, is a two-way road where you learn and receive as much as you teach and give.

The joys in such an educational system lie within the purposeful discovery of your “unique” intelligence. Joy becomes a purpose and joyful education purposes and then produces understandings where misunderstandings previously dominated.

Wars between cultures are most often waged when misunderstandings are unable to be intelligently resolved. When we cease to under fund education, and when we place as much research into its industry as we currently do for the military industry, we will create a world that requires little in the way of such weaponry. Then the human profits will soar on the wings of human prophets. Intelligence, resulting from progressive, highly researched, discovery oriented education, will find common ground through common sense, and a common wealth for the common good.

This is one of the many paths toward world peace – a far less destructive and disheartening way than fighting for it.