Early to Bed and Early to Rise


Part Ten: The subtle energy that circulates throughout your body is part of a larger body. The whole picture is far more inclusive and holistic . . . nothing acts alone. As your physical body, with all of its moving parts and subtle features, aligns with these larger bodies -- near and far -- this holistic mechanism unfolds exponentially. There are no limits, but there are definitions. One of these definitions is in the magnetics of the brain-mind connections. As studied in homing pigeons and salmon returning to spawn, there are magnetic particles in the brain that enable these creatures to navigate over large distances. Human destiny operates in much the same way, not returning your physical body to a physical place, but connecting you to your purpose. This is coordinated by the magnetics in your brain; it creates you as an individual; it makes you accountable for your personal purpose and its progress, and conscious of your universal connection. The first sign of this higher activity is extreme frustration with the mundane -- there's no more satisfaction in stuff . . . a constant sensation of something missing drives your journey toward purpose . . . to make a difference. The receiver of this sense of meaninglessness is metaphysically referred to as your tenth gate -- the crown of your chakras -- the meditation center. The magnetics work like a biological solenoid connecting you with your circadian rhythms. When your horizontal and sleeping between 11 pm and 3 am -- then sitting upright between 3 am and 5 am -- the magnetics in your pineal gland open your brain to the univeral mind . . . to your bigger picture. Your stream of purpose; your holistic picture, all become more clear. Our prayer is that you practice, "early to bed and early to rise;" that you become your healthy, wealthy and wise persona; that you use your days for purpose, vision, mission and destiny, and become the you within you, the one that connects to the largest part of you "Self."