Each Moment


The quantum reveals every moment has a microscopic beginning, middle and end. Immeasurable by the actual measure of time -- beginnings are always fresh, middles sustain the moment’s momentum, and ends bring closure -- or not -- one nano-beat at a time. The ending is where the nature of every moment is remembered, but the brain works faster than these immeasurable measures -- your attitude determines where you enter and you then string them together as time. Experience and memory are established at your entry point . . . this is your sense of the time. Since memory produces anticipation -- past determines future -- what you remember establishes your view of the next moment . . . what are the possibilities within the time and how will you work with them . . . or not. At the threshold of every major breakthrough there's a series of these quantum portions appearing as questions in the moments. A ‘quest’ plays fearlessly in these questions, but a common life hesitates -- enters at the moments end -- has no choices -- discounts revelations to adhere to the known . . . plays it safe to stay away from 'sorry'. Even though a vastly more fulfilling play is to plunge through the torrent of doubt, to face the risks fearlessly -- fail or succeed -- and refuse to be sorry . . . this is a road far less travelled. Risk is the play that turns every mistake into a teacher -- views revelations as real and enters each moment at its freshest beginning. This entire universe is a reflection of this complexity of your perception and projection. Time appears to your senses as an assembly of these quantum portions; of where you've made your choices and your entry points . . . remember, safe and success rarely coexist. Our prayer is that you beat the odds and enter the freshest beginnings of your moments; that you’re thankful for the risks you’ve taken -- win or lose; that each moment becomes a great teacher, and that you’ve risked your life for happiness by discounting your need to play it safe.