Dynamic Silence


How are you going to deal with something you never experienced before? You tell yourself a story, you got all this stuff in your brain. You come into each moment projecting, looking for clues, projecting. You are so noisy. So we will begin this year with what is called dynamic silence. If you enter a new moment (which every moment is) you ought to at least discover what the moment has to say for itself. They pass so quickly, moment, moment, moment, you don't have time to get the words out, what do you have to say for yourself and then wait for an answer. So you need to be in a state of grace that is constantly knowing what has never been known. Therefore, you have no roll over minutes.

If you don't use minutes on Thursday, that's it. They were there for you to use and now gone. To be in a state of grace so that you can know what has never been known in each moment requires a combination, the dynamic of material physics; be so soft that you're impressionable and firm enough to hold the impression.

In dynamic silence you have to be able to hear what's never been uttered before, maintain that sound while you're now hearing the next moment. Then you have to be able to harmonically coordinate the sounds of your moment so that you don't become distressed in the stress, so you don't become frustrated by the frustration. So you don't tense in the tension and depressed in the pressure because if you start adding up moments and you don't index them, you don't calibrate them they will build up in what is known as ignorance.