Dreamtime and Meditation


Dreamtime and meditation affect the 'super-positioning' of every particle in your world. The theta-brain -- reached in dreamtime and meditation -- is a powerful influence on your perception. It’s important to connect with this power before each day . . . reset the ‘super-positioning’ of your perception and your world. In order to get to the theta-state you must literally "hack" past the psycho-emotional codes/guards of your limitations and indoctrinations. It breaks up ‘group-think’ . . . the habits common to you, and everyone around you, since before you were born. Meditation and conscious-dreamtime; the technology of kundalini and kriya -- the coordination of your breath, your voice, your posture and your movement -- allow you to break old habits and establish new ‘super-positions’ of your psycho-emotional perceptions. Many old habits blind you to the clues and cues from beyond the three and four dimensional world. You live in the three and four dimensional world, but your ‘instructions’ -- so to speak -- these clues and cues -- to your success in each moment, come from beyond the moment. Here, in the continuum of space and time, there’s no such thing as “past, present and future” -- there’s just one big NOW -- one moment containing all. Meditation and conscious-dreamtime allow you to enter this realm; to learn its language that communicates within and beyond -- the language of ‘instantaneous coordinated understanding’ -- those moments you’ve looked into someone’s eyes, and you both ‘just know’ -- both drawing a common conclusion without words. These are the ways that spirit communicates; these ‘instantaneous coordinated understandings’ were yours prior to this physical birth . . . you can still communicate with this ‘spirit' world. Our prayer is that you relax your focus on this three and four dimensional world for a moment each morning; allow your meditation and conscious-dreamtime to carry you beyond the false limits; draw on the cues and clues from beyond it, to guide your life within it . . . live life on this Earth, created in this heaven. Jesus did, Mohammed did, the Buddha did . . . every great master did . . . you can too.