Dreams are always personal, but they are rarely logical. Humans are humorous when relating to the obscure angles of their friend’s dreams . . . everyone becomes an instant expert. Memory is familiar -- that’s its very nature -- but there’s deeply unfamiliar angles to dreams that obscure the actuality of what’s being remembered. It's like a view of the horizon . . . nothing's exact . . . and this is the foundation of the creative process. Dreams that turn into plans will often begin without logic and have deep creativity . . . it's important to allow this to happen. Dreams, destined to be the passions of your life are going to be born within these "horizon" angles and lack of definable directions. It's essential that you do not require your memory to be familiar -- because you are about to create the unfamiliar. “Experts” as friends will gather around these creative moments, yet there are no experts who can advise this process because it's so brand new . . . it is unusual and extremely illogical. It’s essential that you do not allow any interference with the highly unusual angles that are the essence of these moments. Remember, inside every “expertise” there’s a doubtful perspective that removes any illogical nature . . . this is what an expert does. This is the very nature of “expertise.” But also remember, there’s a person, perhaps a friend, involved within the angles of their expert memory; it’s important to relate to the person, and not drive away the doubter with their doubts of “expertise.” Our prayer is that you’re able to maintain this balance in your life; that you are able to have completely illogical dreams turning into passionate plans, and also have friends . . . even ones who think of themselves as experts. Our prayer is that you follow your illogical memory within the obscure angles in your dreams and discover the solutions that are waiting in the midst of your passions. You will be thought of as weird, be good with this, for you will also have some very surprised “expert” friends when your weird dreams bear fruit.