Dream about an epic journey: the most exalted of your many dreams; the journey of believing in your extraordinary self, and doing so for outstanding reasons -- the Earth's survival; a benevolent peace; the future of the children's children, and all because you have the innate ability to be a pioneer; a forward scout of evolution; a leader, a seer, and a master of lifetimes. Every clue to the map of this journey is buried deep in your own higher 'un' conscious . . . you've accessed them at times through your life, and though the messages are always faint -- you've known them all to be true since the day you were born. On this journey you've never really fit in to any "normal" -- "logical" setting, and the only times you were truly miserable were when you tried to. You did try often growing up, until you didn't, when you realized you fit perfectly into you . . . a realization that set you free. This epic fantasy is -- in fact -- your reality; it's your highest destiny; the classic mythic tale of a seed that's growing and repeating. You have an abundance of friends on this journey, but every one of you feels somewhat alone . . . a common thread connects you to each other in your own ways . . . the connection increases with belief. This is the journey that inspires you to rise up early in the morning -- to do the "let's get real" drill of opening your higher awareness with a daily practice . . . stretching, walking, breathing, meditating and chatting with those in love. This is the journey that causes you to eat right, so as to think straight, within the crooked path of life on Earth. It's the journey that allows you to "get real" because so little else is . . . knowing you have to walk into this world each day, and be absolutely real, because when you're not real -- you're not you -- you're miserable. Our prayer is that you're determined to be connected to this journey -- this dream; determined to be exactly who you are -- ready, willing and able as the hero of an epic journey known as destiny . . . determined to be real.