Don't Worry About a Thing, Just Expand Your Consciousness - It Will Take Care of It All


Everything you need plus everything you expect, you get. That is the cosmic law. The only time you won't receive it is if you don't show up. That's the law of the cosmos. You're born sentenced in this body for X amount of time and in that sentence you're guaranteed. Don't worry about a thing just expand your consciousness . . . it will take care of it all. That's the gift of human existence. It's a worshiping instrument it's not a work body. That is what is known as the law of attraction. They make movies about it. The secret, it's not a secret, why would you call it a secret? . . . Don't tell anybody but you're guaranteed. That's like going into a shop and going, is this product guarantee and they say: I can't tell you it's a secret. You won't buy but here you are, sitting in your human body concerned as to whether or not life exists. Aren't we a piece of work? After this many hundreds of years, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, we have developed so many concepts and syndromes, we pass them out. If somebody loses all their worries we go: Hey, I'll give you some of mine! They seem to multiply in my pocket! What are you working for?